Cryptocurrency Trading For Beginners- Online Course For FREE

From trading basics to tactics and strategies. With the 12-part course, you’ll learn the ropes of cryptocurrency trading

Many people nowadays want to try cryptocurrency trading. They create accounts on different exchanges, invest money, start trading. However, as statistics shows, only 10 percent of traders are successful. This is the main reason why we have decided to create our free online course on how to start cryptocurrency trading.

The main reasons why the majority of newcomers lose all their money or a part of their investments buying or selling cryptos are the following:

  1. Lack of basic knowledge about the structure and principles of financial market activity. The majority of beginner traders have little knowledge on how exchanges work and why the price changes.

  2. Wrong choice of cryptocurrency exchange. Those websites vary as they offer different trading conditions, types of orders, trading platforms, security level, quality of the support etc.

  3. Lack of understanding how to forecast price fluctuations. Most beginners don’t know how to predict price fluctuations and they place orders randomly, sometimes in the end of big tendencies.

  4. Absence of basic money and risk management rules. Newcomer traders often try to place orders, using all their means. They do not place stop losses and have no profit targets (which results in the absence of understanding where to fix positions).

  5. Lack of discipline. Beginners often take right decisions, but they are not disciplined to follow their trading systems.

  6. Absence of a strategy and trading plan. Professional traders always have a strategy, which helps them to find entry points. They have also a trading plan comprising their risks policy etc.

  7. Influence of different types of emotions. Novice investors are often affected by fears and greed. Those negative emotions lead them to defeat.

  8. Lack of money. This is also one of the reasons, why many beginners lose their investments. They put a small amount on their trading account, trying to increase it in a fast manner. However, they end up losing all their means as they have to break too many rules, including money and risk management to achieve their goals.

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