These are exciting times! Today, you will learn about a new take on the current and growing trend of Crypto Mining.

First, let’s introduce, Vista Network.

Vista Network Review

Vista Network has methodically watched the errors of other companies in the Crypto space that have recently fell (if you don’t know who these companies are, trust me, it’s an easy Google Search).

Vista has covered the landscape and saw there is a huge opportunity for bringing a source of income to the everyday person and get them involved with Cryptocurrency, in possibly one of the easiest ways to date. And this will be done through… Mining. Mining is basically using custom built computers to solve mathematical equations and in return, you receive a small portion of Cryptocurrency. You can also use these computers to help facilitate transactions on the Blockchain, when someone wants their Bitcoin to move from Point A to Point B, your computer would do this task, and you would receive a small portion of Cryptocurrency for doing so. These computers run 24/7, completing these tasks nonstop. So you can imagine how this builds up over time.




Vista Network has come up with a cost-effective way for you to run these processes and accumulate Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, etc, and do so on a monthly basis. If you look at the state of mining today, you will notice right off the back:

  • Its very hard to build a computer to do the work
  • They are very LOUD (fans are needed to keep them cool)
  • Its very expensive to get all the necessary parts
  • Its very hard on the environment and your electricity bill

Many people would love to have their own mining rig, but for most it’s out of reach. If you look at some of the mining operations around the world, they’re in massive warehouses, near enormous power stations, consuming a lot of fossil fuels and pushing out high degrees of heat.

So, Vista Network decided to come out with a computer that will not only do these tasks but get them done by avoiding the headaches listed above. Their device is called the Mini Miner



mini miner review

2018 Mini Miner

The Mini miner, is called that, well because its small, only slightly larger than a modern smart phone, it can literally be held in one hand. It produces basically no heat while running, no noise, there’s no extra fan or a/c needed to cool it down. It is Wifi enabled, and Vista Network knew they had such an innovative device, they’ve filed for a patent. This Mini Miner is a real computer, with plans to be able to mine up to 40 different cryptocurrencies.

A neat addition and major compliment to this small device being able to compete in producing Cryptocurrency like its larger Mining Rig “cousins,” the Mini Miner is connected to Vista’s own Vista Mining Pool. With a large number of miners connected to this pool, this will drive up the amount of Cryptocurrency its able to mine, thus giving you much more bang for your buck with such a small device. Think of each Mini-Miner as a small ‘worker’ who’s output is combined with the effort of a million other workers and what’s created is a mining powerhouse. Individually, these Mini-Miners do not produce much output in the way of mining, but when combined with other workers on a large scale… the “sum of the parts become greater than the whole”.




It is currently still free to become a member of Vista Network, create your account, so that you’ll have access to the Mini Miner and other projects that are being made available. So be sure to CLICK HERE and head over to Vista to open your free account and start learning about what its going to take to get your very own Mini Miner.

Vista Network is headed by CEO Armen Temurian and COO Louis Sermya. The corporate office for Vista Network is located in Glendale, California, at address 127 S Brand Blvd, 91204
They hold weekly Corporate Calls to give updates on the Mini Miner, every Sunday.

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