Welcome back to another installment from the The Future is Cryptocurrency. Today we will be diving deeper into the Mini Miner being produced by Vista Network and we’ll be giving you some updates on where things stand.

So if you haven’t heard of Vista Network, this is essentially a cryptocurrency based company that gives its users multiple ways to earn Cryptocurrency. The forefront of earning Cryptocurrency with Vista Network starting in 2018 and moving forward is through the patent pending and first to market of its kind, the Mini Miner.


Mini Miner Vs. Traditional Mining Rigs

What is the Mini Miner

The Mini Miner is a small portable computer, the size of a current smart phone, that performs a process known as “mining.” Mining is basically the process of solving mathematical equations in return for a small amount of Bitcoin for example.

The Mini Miner will be able to mine over 40 different type of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. You can only mine ONE at a time, so choose the one you want the most. Upon receiving the Mini Miner, all you have to do is plug it in and connect to your Wi-Fi, simple.

This device has a small footprint, essentially puts off no heat, quiet, and extremely less impactful on the environment as well as your electricity bill. You can expect see a $5 to $10 increase in your electricity bill, opposed to much higher increases with traditional mining.

Traditional mining involves a lot more out of pocket expenses as well as some technical know-how if you’re planning on building a mining rig yourself. There are a lot of pieces that you have to locate online and order for your own custom mining rig, and unfortunately, these parts are increasing in cost because of supply and demand. The mining community is growing everyday it seems like, and companies are selling out of computer parts such as GPUs, which are the driving force behind mining.

And after getting all these parts, you have to put them together and troubleshoot if it doesn’t initially work, so being an novice at building these computers and running code, isn’t an ideal situation.

There are mining rigs that you can purchase already built, but those prices go into the thousands. The Mini Miner has streamlined everything for you, taking all the headaches out, and just giving you something simple as plug and play.

Additional factors to consider with the traditional mining rigs are the heat they produce, the noise, and the ongoing electricity they draw on, causing increased electricity bills.

A lot of people who went into mining, were affected enough by one or all of these factors and ended up getting out. The Mini Miner addresses all of these issues head-on, allowing for a mining experience that has no rival.


The Mini Miner Cost

So, this area has been one of evolving information. Lets break it down.

When the news first released with a definite price point for the Mini Miner, it was $1495 for retail. If you go the website right now (CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE) you will still see this price.

However, for those who had a membership, which is still free (CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP), you would get a reduction of $100, and be able to purchase for $1395.

When finally released to place orders for the Mini Miner, for an entire 30 days afterwards, all members would be able to receive a deeper discount, bringing the price down to $995.

Mid-January 2018, I began to hear some rumblings that a payment plan would be introduced for those who could not pay the full price for the Mini Miner.

Initially I heard (and then later saw it in digital print) the payment plan would go as follows:

$300 down payment with $99 monthly payments

$500 down payment with $59 monthly payments

This was getting good. These payment plans would clearly bring the Mini Miner to a larger audience and really get the ball rolling with accessibility.

Finally, we were able to hear from Vista Network themselves about this payment. Its called the EASY MONTHLY PAYMENT.

Down payment of $595 and 12 months of monthly payments at $75.

I am uncertain whether the option for $995 will still be available for Vista Network Members or not. However this definitive Easy Monthly Payment plan still opens the door for more people to get involved with Mining at home, and it makes a bit of an easier pill to swallow.


Mini Miner Ship Date and Additional Add-ons

Vista Network has stated they plan to begin this shipping the Mini Miner in February and the first batch will be 500 units, with more to come.

You will not need anything else to mine for Cryptocurrencies when you receive you Mini Miner, but there will be an option to increase how much Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc, its mining for.

This is called the Hash Rate, which determines the amount of cryptocurrency that’s being mined. We do not know what the initial Hash Rate of the Mini Miner will be, but there will be an option for increasing the amount of cryptocurrency the Mini Miner is generating on a daily basis. So if you want to accumulate more in less time, then this would be an option for you to look into. There will be a nominal fee for this, but at this time there has been no price stated for this increased production.


For more information and to stay up to date with news, please go over to Facebook, The Vista Network Mini Miner Group, and request to join. You will have to be logged into Facebook, this a closed group. There you will find continuous information on the Mini Miner as it becomes available.